Paul was a friend of Shireen, and one of the group whom Bill Potts moved in with following the search for decent and affordable student accommodation. (TV: Knock Knock)

Biography Edit

Paul was among a group of students from St Luke's University who were looking for decent student accommodations. After an afternoon of disappointing offers from an estate agency, they were approached by the Landlord, who offered them his house at a cheap rent price.

During the search Paul was visibly attracted to Bill and tried to get close to her. He was however disappointed when she kindly told him that she usually "tend[ed] to go for girls".

During the night of moving in, he began to notice strange noises coming from inside the walls. Once everyone had eaten, he went back up to his room. Paul was then attacked by the Dryads and devoured.

Once Eliza killed herself along with her son, the Dryads restored Paul and the other students who then escaped as the house disintegrated around them. (TV: Knock Knock)

Personality Edit

Paul was friendly, sociable and humorous, making numerous jokes and pranks. He was also slightly flirtatious, and made no effort to hide his visible attraction to Bill Potts. Though he was disappointed when she told him she was gay, he appreciated her honesty and even joked at how he was "never in with a chance." (TV: Knock Knock)

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