Professor Patrick Gordon Matthewman was a scientist that worked for the Forge. While the rest of Matthewman's colleagues were interested in the Doctor, Matthewman had a fascination with Iris Wildthyme. He had dirty blonde hair.

On one occasion, the Forge were contacted by an anonymous caller and informed that a living teddy bear was in Weston-super-Mare. Nimrod sent Matthewman to investigate and a temporary quarantine base was established in the area. Panda was captured and experimented on by Matthewman. Matthewman unsuccessfully tried to find Panda's lifesource. Eventually, Matthewman decided to use the molecular scrubber.

However, before the scrubber could be used, Iris Wildthyme cut off the base's power. She knocked out all of the base's security and came to the room where Matthewman and Panda were. In exchange for Panda being freed, Iris gave a vial of her blood to Matthewman. Matthewman excitedly had a portable Oracle scan the blood. Iris' blood infected Oracle and all technology in the base was destroyed. Iris and Panda left the base, leaving Matthewman to face the consequences of the damage. (PROSE: Project: Wildthyme)

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