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The Doctor (Cold Fusion)

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Before leaving Gallifrey, the Doctor lived through several incarnations as Patience's husband. He came from a family of explorers, and he not only led an expedition into deep time but also was one of the first Gallifreyans to enter the Time Vortex. (PROSE: Cold Fusion, AUDIO: Cold Fusion)

Biography Edit

After Patience was widowed by Omega, she became the Doctor's tutor, just as she had been his grandfather's tutor and his father's tutor. They fell in love and had thirteen children, living together in secret at Patience's ancestral home, the House of Blyledge.

Patience remembered this incarnation newly regenerated, before his hands had even touched her body. He was taller and hairier than his previous, beardless body. He had a blond curly head and a beard which was much coarser. He considered himself old. At this time, his firstborn son was a Cardinal and a Time Lord of the first rank.

Eventually the Other's son had a daughter; the First Doctor was present at her birth, having transgressed the laws of time by travelling to the ancient past. As only the Loom-Born were allowed to inherit the Legacy of Rassilon, the then-Lord President sent Chancellery Guards to terminate the pregnancy and seize the family. They culled Patience's twelve children, but the First Doctor rescued the child and Patience, placing them in the Machine for safety.

Though the explorer was honoured among the Time Lords of the Doctor's time, they had forgotten his true name; however, the Seventh Doctor recognised it. (PROSE: Cold Fusion)

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