Paternoster Row was a street in Victorian London.

Madame Vastra's house was located at 13 Paternoster Row. It was used as the headquarters of, and gave its name to, the Paternoster Gang, which was formed in 1888. (TV: The Great Detective)

In 1894, Mr Plumbly lived at 7 Paternoster Row and Mrs Fenwick lived in another house on the street. The residents of Paternoster Row believed they were being haunted by a ghost and attacked Madame Vastra's house because they knew she investigated mysterious things and blamed her for bringing the ghost. In reality it was Strax's fighting drone that malfunctioned and was projecting destructive holograms. (PROSE: The Spectre of Paternoster Row)

Paternoster Row was destroyed in the Blitz on 29 December 1940. By then, it had become the centre of London's publishing industry. (PROSE: A History of Humankind)

Behind the scenes Edit

The prop for a plaque in Coal Hill Academy's Barbara Wright Building, not made completely visible in The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo, states that the architects in 2016 were "Pick, Holder & Ragan Associates" of 17 Paternoster Place, London.

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