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Pat Gorman, sometimes credited as Patrick Gorman, (10 May 1933-9 October 2018[1]) played seventy-three roles in Doctor Who, ranking #7 in terms of appearing in the most serials.[2]


Gorman, who was one of England's busiest background actors from the early 1960s to the late 90s, appeared on The Saint, Adam Adamant Lives!, Doomwatch, Fawlty Towers, I, Claudius, The Tomorrow People, Blake's 7, Minder and The Bill, to name but a few.

Film credits included The Elephant Man and the 1989 version of Batman. Gorman also played the Killer in the BBC series The Nightmare Man.

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  3. Gorman is credited on-screen as "Primitive and Voice" for episodes one and two, but did not provide the voice; and only as "Primitive" in Radio Times.
  4. Gorman is uncredited on-screen and in Radio Times for part one, despite having dialogue.