Passing Storms was the twenty-first story in the Bernice Summerfield anthology Life During Wartime. It was written by Peter Anghelides.

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Benny tells the half-alien children on the Collection a story:

The Fifth Axis decided to purge the Collection of all non-human art and artefacts. They demanded that Braxiatel remove these items to make way for their own acquisitions. When he refused, they destroyed one of the artefacts. Braxiatel had to give in, but he persuaded the Axis researcher, Martlak, that he could make money selling the alien artefacts to the Finliri. He offered Bev Tarrant's services as pilot to ferry the artefacts to the Finliri ship. She used the Ormand-Seltec flyers that had been commandeered by the Axis.
For several weeks, Bev brought artefacts to the Finliri. Martlak soon grew suspicious of Braxiatel's enthusiasm for the project, and suspected Bev of smuggling something off-world. A surprise inspection turned up nothing.
Several other searches failed to reveal anything. Eventually, Martlak realised that Bev was smuggling the OS-flyers themselves — she would bring the artefacts up to the ship in the flyer, then return back to the surface using the escape pack. By the time Martlak discovered this, she had successfully smuggled nine of the twelve flyers off the Collection.
Bev and Braxiatel were punished. Bev was imprisoned. Martlak was recalled by the Axis.

Benny promises the children that they won't have to hide forever.

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