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Partisans was the second audio story in Time War: Volume Two, the tenth series of Gallifrey.

Publisher's summary[]

When the world of Ysalus becomes a strategic target for the Time Lords and their opponents, Gallifrey takes an interest in the planet's civil unrest.

But the CIA and the War Council each have their own strategy.

And, as good intentions only make things worse, the true horror of the Time War will be visited upon the people of Ysalus.


On Ysalus, Ysta informs Major Temmis that half of the enemy forces have been pushed back whilst the others are trying to get to the main road near the Grey Bridge where a trap has been laid for them. Temmis gives her permission to head down to the river tunnels, which she believes that some people will try to get into tonight, and says that they can start to rebuild as soon as this war is over.

Romana scours the room of listening devices and is joined by Narvin. She tells him that she is worried about an intervention in the timeline of Ysalus and plans on sending Eris there, but Narvin says that he is too young and volunteers himself. Romana is initially against it but agrees so long as Eris goes with him. She has arranged for a TARDIS, in which there is a recorded briefing, and has sent directions and access codes to him with the decryption key separate.

Mantus attempts to eavesdrop on Romana and Narvin but hears little more than a mention of Ysalus. He is soon informed of a TARDIS dematerialisation and finds that Narvin and Eris are not in the Capitol. He asks for Commander Aladra to visit him.

Travelling through the Time Vortex, Romana's recording begins and explains that Ysalus will one day be of strategical importance and somebody seems to be meddling in its history. At the time that they are travelling to, there is a war between the puritan Neo-Solitarians and the xenophobic Ysalarians. Following the victory of the Neo-Solitarians, they will collapse and a pacifist global government will be formed; if the Ysalarians win, the Neo-Solitarians will drop firebombs in a last-ditch effort and destroy all life on the planet.

Should life end on Ysalus, the Daleks will be able to take over and benefit from its supply of olirium, a rare mineral oil which the Daleks use for time travel. Narvin and Eris are going to a country occupied by the Neo-Solitarians and preventing the Ysalarians from taking the capital city by posing as Neo agents and embedding themselves in a partisan group to find out how to halt the Ysalarian advance. The recording finishes and deletes itself.

Aladra meets with Mantus and learns of Romana's interest in Ysalus. Mantus tasks her with finding out why Romana is interested and to find out if Narvin and Eris have indeed gone there.

Upon materialising, Narvin and Eris head towards the city and plan to sneak in using the river which runs beneath it. Eris asks why Romana is keeping this mission secret from the War Council, which Narvin says is because the War Council might destroy the planet and this mission, if successful, could show them that the war can be won without using scorched earth tactics. Aladra arrives in a TARDIS and says that she has come to help on behalf of the War Council, but that Eris must return to Gallifrey.

Romana is at Braxiatel's library at the Academy. She is approached by Livia, who tells her that Narvin and Eris' departure is known and that Rassilon will soon be touring the Academy as he has plans for it.

Narvin and Aladra arrive in the city and flee into a tunnel when a whistle sounds. They run into Ysta, who shows them a way out.

Eris tells Romana what happened on Ysalus and why he has returned. She goes to speak with Mantus and tells Eris to stay put.

Narvin realises that Ysta is an Ysalarian, meaning that he and Aladra have fallen in with the wrong side. He suggests that they run away, but Aladra says that they could potentially undermine the Ysalarians from within and could be shot and killed if they flee. When Ysta returns, she says that they are going on a drive to see Temmis.

Romana finds Mantus and asks why he sent Aladra to Ysalus. He does not answer, but says that the Agency should not be conducting undercover missions and that they should not interfere with the War Council.

Ysta introduces Narvin and Aladra to Temmis, who asks what their story is. Aladra claims that they are arms dealers and Temmis goes to his superiors to communicate her offer to them. In his and Ysta's absence, Narvin admonishes Aladra for showing them a hologram of weapons far beyond the technology of Ysalus and deduces that she has brought real ones in her TARDIS.

Romana realises that Aladra must have been sent to Ysalus to help the Ysalarians and ensure the planet's destruction. She meets with Livia and learns that the War Council are divided on the matter of Ysalus. Livia wishes her luck and says that she will not interfere with whatever she chooses to do next, but she will dare not go any further than that. Romana sends Eris back to Ysalus to inform Narvin of Aladra's mission whilst she deals with the War Council.

Temmis has spoken to his superiors and tells Aladra that they want to know more about what she has. She shows a hologram of an explosive device which she has set up outside of the city and, with the press of a button, the Neos' capital city would be destroyed. She says that the first lot of weapons will be free and urges Temmis to make the decision himself. He agrees, unaware that Ysta has been watching. She goes and confronts Narvin about the destructive power of the bomb, saying that it is not right to use it on the city as there are innocent children there. They go to catch up with Aladra and Temmis.

Narvin reaches Aladra and learns that Temmis has gone to activate the explosive. She also reveals that she is not working for the War Council but for Rassilon. Ysta, having heard the conversation, shoots Aladra and initiates a regeneration during which she continues to shoot her, eventually killing her. Narvin explains to Ysta that he is from another world, but she runs away and, right after, Eris arrives and offers his help.

Ysta contacts Temmis and tells him that they are being used and that he should not do anything until she has found him.

Narvin plans to freeze Ysalus in time until they can excise all of the technology brought there by Aladra. Eris agrees to helo but wants it put on record that he protested.

Ysta tells Temmis everything, but he does not believe her. She pulls out her gun to shoot him as time freezes.

Narvin says that Ysalus will be unfrozen once the Time War is over, but Eris does not believe that Time Lords have the right to do what they have done. They return to Gallifrey, which Eris says does not feel like home these days.

Mantus tells Romana that no charges will be brought against Narvin for his use of a TARDIS nor any investigation into his activities, which she knows is only to avoid difficult questions being raised. He says that she should be careful, which Romana agrees is excellent advise.





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