Professor Parry was an archaeologist who led an expedition to Telos in search of the tombs of the Cybermen. He helped the Second Doctor defeat the Cybermen.

Parry had some trouble dealing with Eric Klieg and Kaftan, who had financed his expedition. He often had to remind them that he was in charge of the expedition.

After Peter Haydon was killed, he reluctantly decided to cancel the expedition. However, the damage done to Captain Hopper's rocketship forced the expedition to remain while repairs were made, so he allowed further exploration to be made in the meantime.

It was only when Klieg killed John Viner that Parry realised that Klieg was dangerous. He helped the Doctor seal the Cybermen back in their tombs and left the planet when Hopper's ship was repaired. (TV: The Tomb of the Cybermen)

Parry's survey notes from the Telos expedition were acquired by the Braxiatel Collection and kept in its archaeological archives. (PROSE: Theatre of War)

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