While in a cafe in Paris in 1979, an artist sketched Romana II, but with a cracked clock face.

The Fourth Doctor warned Romana not to move when he spotted the artist sketching her. When he told her why she quickly looked and knocked over a bottle. The artist, frustrated, stood up and threw down his pencil. He tore and crumpled the sketch, then threw it on the floor and left.

However, Romana moved, causing the artist to crumple up the sketch and throw it to the ground, after which he left.

Then due to Scaroth's time experiments this event happened a second time, including Romana knocking over the bottle and the artist crumpling the sketch. (TV: City of Death)

Behind the scenes Edit

The actor who played the artist, James Charlton, received no on-screen credit.

In the novelisation, he is named Bourget, and makes several other appearances throughout the book.

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