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You may be looking for the human Paris or Paris, New Mexico.

Paris was a city in France.

Paris was described by the First Doctor as "one of the most civilised of cities", (AUDIO: Fields of Terror) while the Twelfth Doctor, described it as a city with "an art gallery on every street and a cafe on every corner". (COMIC: Gallery)

The Fourth Doctor considered it "the only place in the universe where one can relax entirely". (TV: City of Death) Indeed, along with Poosh, it was one of the two places the Tenth Doctor would consider retiring to. (PROSE: The Vampire of Paris)


16th century[]

While the First Doctor went off to meet Paris resident Charles Preslin, Steven Taylor ended up stranded in Paris in August 1572 before the St Bartholomew's Day massacre. (TV: The Massacre)

17th century[]

In 1626, George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham smuggled an English army into France to take Paris. (AUDIO: The Church and the Crown)

In 1695, the Twelfth Doctor and Julie d'Aubigny stopped the Darkness from using a solar eclipse to enhance its power and take over the Earth. (COMIC: Terror of the Cabinet Noir)

18th century[]

At some point, the Doctor learned to cook in 18th century Paris. (TV: The Lodger)

The Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown visited pre-revolutionary Paris. As they left they were pulled into a time bubble. The Doctor later told Peri that some of the people they met would be beheaded a few years later. (AUDIO: Prime Winner)

Separated from his TARDIS, the First Doctor and his companions Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright got caught up in the French Revolution in Paris in July 1794. (TV: The Reign of Terror)

In the 18th century, the Theatre des Vampires was located in Paris. (PROSE: Possum Kingdom)

19th century[]

The Doctor met Edward VII in Paris in the 19th century. (TV: Inferno)

In 1858, the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond visited Paris. (COMIC: The Screams of Death)

In 1865, Paris was "peaceful and prosperous" under the reign of Napoleon III. (PROSE: World Game)

A time rift existed in Paris in 1871, being one of several fractures created by Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart's time travelling. The Seventh Doctor explained that these fractures could not be mended, and that they damaged the space-time they passed through. (PROSE: Set Piece)

In 1879, Rose-the-Cat piloted the TARDIS to Paris and found a mouse. (COMIC: A Rose by Any Other Name)

In the 1880s, the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith arrived with the Apache chief War Eagle, having earlier mistakenly arrived in Paris, New Mexico in the United States. (COMIC: Perils of Paris)

In April 1890, the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones accompanied Pierre Bruyère aboard his balloon on his expedition to the Arctic. However, the timelines had been manipulated by a "mysterious monster" and many versions of Bruyère had been frozen in alternate universes. The Doctor had no choice but to rewrite the timeline and free all versions of Bruyère and his companions. In the new timeline, Bruyère became a baker in his family's bakery in Paris. (PROSE: The Frozen Wastes)

In the 1890s, Professor George Litefoot imported his cologne from Paris. (AUDIO: The Mahogany Murderers)

20th century[]

The Twelfth Doctor in the Galerie d'Art de Parisiennes. (COMIC: Gallery)

In the spring of 1909, the Twelfth Doctor visited Paris to attend the grand reopening of the Galerie d'Art de Parisiennes. He discovered an alien that was trying to drain the life of guests at the reopening. The Doctor saved the day by trapping the alien in a painting. (COMIC: Gallery)

In 1921, the Eighth Doctor and Liv Chenka visited Paris. (AUDIO: The Monster of Montmartre)

In 1922 the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Hex ran into Iris Wildthyme and Panda in Paris. The Doctor was far from pleased about this. (AUDIO: Muse of Fire)

Reapers attack the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors. (COMIC: Four Doctors)

In 1923, the Ninth Doctor took Rose Tyler to a Parisian cafe, the Tenth Doctor visited Paris to dispose of a Cyberman helmet, the Eleventh visited Paris to purchase comics and the Twelfth Doctor was brought to Paris when Clara Oswald piloted the TARDIS. The Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors encountered each other, but Gabby Gonzalez prevented them from summoning Reapers and told them about the Voord Leader's plans. (COMIC: Four Doctors)

In the 1930s, Iris Wildthyme and Tom visited Paris, where they met the writers Anaïs Nin, Henry Miller and June Miller, and defeated a plan by origami aliens to conquer Earth. (PROSE: Blame Iris)

The Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald dance under the Eiffel Tower during celebrations of Paris' liberation in 1944. (COMIC: Trust)

During the Second World War, Paris was occupied by the Nazis. The Third Doctor aided a group of the French Resistance foil the Germans' plans to invade Britain. (COMIC: Who is the Stranger) The Eighth Doctor and Lucie Miller visited Paris, where they encountered a group of Baroques. (AUDIO: The Scapegoat) The Twelfth Doctor and Clara visited Paris following its liberation in 1944, where they thwarted a plan by the Darapok Empire to brainwash humanity into destroying itself by destroying their transmitter on the Eiffel Tower, and then frightened them off. (COMIC: Trust)

The first case outside England of the Silurian virus from Wenley Moor was reported in Paris. Thankfully, it was at that time the Third Doctor developed an antidote for the virus, which was soon used to stop the pandemic. (TV: Doctor Who and the Silurians)

The Fourth Doctor and Romana II in the Louvre. (TV: City of Death)

The Louvre, one of the best art galleries in the universe, was located in Paris and in it was the only known copy of the Mona Lisa (though Scaroth of the Jagaroth had had more commissioned). It was noted for the location of the Eiffel Tower, a well-known landmark of the country, created by Gustave Eiffel in 1889. (TV: City of Death)

The First Doctor shared a drink with John Lucarotti in a Parisian inn. (PROSE: The Meeting)

When asked about her holiday experiences, Donna Noble said that she had once visited Paris with her school. (COMIC: The Widow's Curse)

By 1997, Paris had its own branch of UNIT called NUIT. (PROSE: The Dying Days)

21st century[]

During the first seconds of 1 January 2000, Paris, along with the rest of the world, was nearly destroyed by the Eye of Harmony. (TV: Doctor Who)

A mime was acting in Paris at the turn of the millennium, transporting passers-by through time and space, to a series of underground catacombs, where a Minotaur was held, allowing those taken captive to go free if they could correctly answer his riddle. (COMIC: The Forgotten)

In 2007, when Cybermen from Pete's World invaded N-Space, appearing all over Earth, an army of Cybermen appeared in Paris. (TV: Army of Ghosts)

In 2008, when the Rift Manipulator caused temporal incursions on a global scale, there were fears of a guillotine appearance in Paris. (TV: End of Days)

Paris was one of ten major cities across the world, all of which had underground railways, where Coldfire Construction built a reactor within a period of 18 months as part of a plot by the Slitheen to drain the Sun's energy, operated by at least one Slitheen disguised using a skin suit made from a local. At some point in 2008, after Sarah Jane Smith foiled the Slitheen with the help of her friends at Park Vale Comprehensive School at Ealing in London, she contacted UNIT so they would clear up the Coldfire sites. (TV: Revenge of the Slitheen)

In 2010, the Eleventh Doctor brought Vincent van Gogh to the Musée d'Orsay in order to show him how appreciated his work would become. (TV: Vincent and the Doctor)

After a wave of Shakri cubes arrived on Earth in the first half of the 21st century, hundreds of them could be seen in Paris by the Eiffel Tower. (TV: The Power of Three)

During the 2010s invasion of Earth by parallel universe Cybermen, Paris was among the cities where they struck. (AUDIO: Master of Worlds)

Paris was among the world's major cities where forces of flying Cybermen emerged led by Missy. Taking to the skies, they created a cloud of cyber-pollen above the city. These pollen clouds would then rain upon the graves, recruiting the dead of the Earth into a new Cyberman army. When control of the Cyberman army went to the hands of the recently converted Danny Pink, he ordered all Cybermen to return to the skies and self-destruct, taking the pollen clouds with them in their combined explosions. (TV: Death in Heaven)

The 2048 Olympics were held in Paris. (TV: The Waters of Mars)

In 2086, the Ice Warriors of Mars propelled an asteroid towards Earth and it crashed into Paris, completely destroying the city. This event marked the beginning of the Thousand Day War between humans and Ice Warriors. (PROSE: Transit)

Later history[]

By the late 22nd century, the Paris crater was a tourist attraction. (PROSE: Fear Itself)

When humans arrived on Venus, Paris had a namesake in the shape of the colony world New Paris. (COMIC: Invasion of the Daleks)

In 2254, Paris was among the major cities where bases were set up by the Daleks, intending to turn Earth into a Dalek production planet, in their attempted invasion which was foiled by the Seventh Doctor. (GAME: Dalek Attack)

In 2400, following the defeat of a Dalek invasion of the solar system, celebrations occurred in Paris as the Paris Bulletin reported "DALEKS FINIS". (COMIC: Battle for the Moon)

Due to its cold climate and northern latitude, the Ice Warriors sent their Seed Pods here to create an atmosphere lethal to humans, but which the Ice Warriors could thrive in. This was foiled when the Second Doctor used the Weather Control Unit to destroy the pods with rain. (TV: The Seeds of Death)

Undated events[]

At some point when candles were used for light, the Thirteenth Doctor took a candelabra to use for Yasmin Khan's birthday. (PROSE: Dr. Thirteenth)

Alternate timelines[]

In an alternate timeline created by the Players in which the Duke of Wellington was assassinated on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo, Napoléon Bonaparte emerged victorious. In July 1815, there was a parade celebrating his victory on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. (PROSE: World Game)

Working with the Master, the Dalek Time Controller created an alternate timeline where it took over Earth from Paris in 1921. By 1961, the planet was "New Skaro" and converting the bio-matter of humans, Sontarans, Draconians, and other aliens into a New Dalek Paradigm. (AUDIO: Master of the Daleks)

In an alternate 2106 where the New Dalek Paradigm invaded Earth starting with London using a piece of the Eternity Clock, Paris was among the major cities where Daleks were deposited to via transmat. (GAME: The Eternity Clock)

Other realities[]

In an alternate universe, Paris was one of the cities to be invaded by Martians in 1894. Iris Wildthyme, Panda, and Simon visited the Moulin Rouge on the night the invasion began. (PROSE: Enter Wildthyme)


When Victoria Waterfield was kidnapped by the Daleks, Edward Waterfield lied about her whereabouts to Arthur Terrall, saying that Victoria was in Paris. (TV: The Evil of the Daleks)

As the Ninth Doctor explained to Adam Mitchell, time travel was like visiting Paris: (TV: The Long Game)

You can't just read the guide book, you've got to throw yourself in. Eat the food, use the wrong verbs, get charged double and end up kissing complete strangers.The Ninth Doctor. [src]

Clara Oswald had a travel guide to Paris in her collection. (TV: Dark Water)

Making omelette fines herbes for himself and Craig Owens in 2010, the Eleventh Doctor explained that he learned to cook in 18th century Paris. Realising that was "not recent", the Doctor amended it to the 17th century then the 20th century. (TV: The Lodger)

Missy referred to collateral damage in her fights with the Doctor as "their Paris". (TV: Death in Heaven)

A human colony planet in the Little Europe star system was named Paris II. (PROSE: Ten Little Aliens)

Behind the scenes[]

City of Death was filmed in Paris in 1979, marking the first time that shooting for Doctor Who had occurred outside the United Kingdom. Ironically, at that time France was one of the few European countries that had yet to import the series.