Parasiel was a student who arrived on the Braxiatel Collection not long after the Fifth Axis occupation of the Collection ended. He arrived on the same transport as Meredith; they argued the entire trip and continued the argument once they reached the Collection. Parasiel wore a multi-coloured scarf, a long black coat with a waist coat, and question marks on his lapels. These items of clothing had special significance for him. (PROSE: Misplaced Spring)

His tutor was Bernice Summerfield. He was present when Benny recounted the story of the Fifth Axis and wanted to know what happened since the invasion. He was angry that she told one of her off-world adventures before talking about the collection. (AUDIO: The Goddess Quandary)

A couple of months later, he found her in a picnic with Peter Summerfield, where he eventually got her to talk about Jason Kane and the Cybermen and Irving Braxiatel's manipulations. He got annoyed at the side stories she told rather than going straight to the point. When she told the story from where he wanted to know it, he got annoyed again as she went to the middle of the action. He thought the Cybermen were from Telos, not Mondas; Benny told him to do better research. He went to Braxiatel also to tell his side of the business on Cantus, discovering what he did to Ronan McGinley. He found out that Benny and Jason saw the equipment that converted children into Cybermats. (AUDIO: The Crystal of Cantus)

When a group of Quire visited the collection, Parasiel fell in love with one of them, Verso. Benny did not believe he was sincere, and told him to break up with her so she could return home with the rest of her people. However, this drove Verso insane and she tried to kill Benny. Bev Tarrant was forced to shoot and kill Verso to save Benny. (PROSE: Future Relations)

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