A parallel universe was the second explored by Rose Tyler in her search to find the Doctor in N-Space. Originally from N-Space herself, Rose was sent to this universe from Pete's World via the dimension cannon, accompanied by a Clive Finch from the previous universe.

In this universe, Pete and Jackie Tyler had a son named Rob, who was dating Mickey Smith. Jackie had been killed at a political protest, while Pete lived to see his son grow up. Gary Finch had never married and had no children. With no counterpart to Clive, Caroline remained unmarried.

Margo Kinnear was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Harriet Jones was Leader of the Opposition, having narrowly lost to Kinnear in a general election.

Earth was being pulled closer to its Sun by an unknown extraterrestrial force. Only the leaders of the "Big Six" - the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Korea, Germany, France, and the Great Eastern Alliance - knew the truth about this and the reasons behind the world's severe climate change.

All nations of the world except New Argentina and East Korea signed the Steinberg Agreement, banning the use of post-Second World War technology. However, as the climate worsened even after the technology ban, citizens grew suspicious of their governments. The Agency was established to investigate the truth behind climate change.

Rose Tyler managed to plant a recording device in Margo Kinnear's office. She relayed a recording of Kinnear and the US president confirming that there would be no more harvests in 70 years to Rob. Kinnear was blackmailed into letting Rose free and announcing the truth to the world. In response, mass riots broke out throughout the United Kingdom and across the world.

The British government resolved to look for a solution to solve the problem, as the Agency made progress to making contact with the extraterrestrial interference when Donna Noble was able to hijack a satellite research base. (AUDIO: The Flood)