A parallel universe was the first which was explored by Rose Tyler in her search for the Doctor in N-Space. Originally from N-Space herself, Rose was sent to this universe from Pete's World via the dimension cannon. (AUDIO: The Endless Night)

In this universe, Margo Kinnear was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Harriet Jones remained as the mere MP for Flydale North.

The 2005 Auton attack in London, the destruction of Big Ben by Slitheen craft, and the invasion of the Sycorax on Christmas Day 2006 had not occurred. Subsequently, Clive Finch had not been killed by Autons and was still alive; unlike his N-Space counterpart, he was unmarried and had no children.

Neither Torchwood nor UNIT operated in this universe. Rose came to the conclusion that this universe had no equivalent of the Doctor.

In this universe, Pete Tyler and Jackie Prentice split up while they were dating. Pete married Daphne Booth, while Jackie was married and divorced twice, secondly to Mr Reeve.

Shortly after Rose arrived in this universe, the Sun was extinguished without warning. Mass riots began in London, as well as Tokyo, Moscow, and India. The BBC's final broadcast had the Prime Minister announce that the Sun had indeed burnt out and there was no hope of humanity being saved. Rose was able to escape this universe, taking this Earth's version of Clive Finch with her back to Pete's World. (AUDIO: The Endless Night)

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