Parallel Lives was the sixth Big Finish Bernice Summerfield story anthology. It was edited by Simon Guerrier.

Publisher's summary[]

The Collection has lost one of its own. Someone who made a mistake once, and has never been forgiven for it. Someone whose hard work and need to make amends has been taken for granted. Someone who doesn't fit in.

Clarissa Jones has been head of administration at the Braxiatel Collection for many years. Enough time to really know her way around the place – its security, its weaknesses, its secrets. Knowledge, in fact, of great value to any of the neighbouring powers.

So it's bad news for everyone when she disappears.

The Collection has lost one of its own. Unless Clarissa has taken others with her.


Title Author Featuring
Linking material Simon Guerrier
The Serpent's Tooth Rebecca Levene
Hiding Places Stewart Sheargold
Jason and the Pirates Dave Stone


  • This collection contains three novellas, rather than a larger number of short stories.

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