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Paradise Towers was a series of stories set in Paradise Towers, which debuted in the 1987 Seventh Doctor episode Paradise Towers and were licensed directly from their creator, Stephen Wyatt. The series included comics published by Cutaway Comics[1] and books published by Obverse Books.[2]



# Title Writer Artist Featuring Printed in Release date
1 Paradise Found Sean Mason Silvano Beltramo Kangs PTPF 1 - 4 20 October 2021 -


Title Writer Artist Featuring Printed in Release date
Paradise Before Sean Mason Silvano Beltramo Kroagnon PTPF 1 - 4 20 October 2021 -

Terror Alpha Nights, a The Happiness Patrol story, was also printed as a backup comic in the issues of the Paradise Towers comic.


Inspired by the success of Cutaway's Paradise Towers Kickstarter,[2] Obverse Books aquired the prose rights to the setting and began a series of Paradise Towers anthologies.

Title Editor Release date
Build High for Happiness Stuart Douglas 25 November 2021
To be announced 2023[3]


  • Paradise Towers: Paradise Found was originally planned to be released in January 2021.[4]
  • The logo design for the comic series was significantly changed between announcement and release:

Value added material[]

Each issue of Paradise Towers: Paradise Found purchased directly from Cutaway Comics included a bonus DVD of "value added material" (VAM).

# Cover Content
1 Paradise Towers Paradise Found 1 VAM.jpg
  • Audio Content - Newly Recorded commentary for Doctor Who: "Time and the Rani", with Andrew Cartmel and Karen Clegg, moderated by the BFI’s Justin Johnson
  • Video Content - Commentary for Issue 1 of Paradise Towers with Sean Mason (Writer)
  • Video Content - An Afternoon with the Script Doctor: Andrew Cartmel in Conversation

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