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Paradise Frost was the fifty-ninth Bernice Summerfield audio story released by Big Finish Productions. It was the third story of the Road Trip series.

Publisher's summary[]

Kaff Zarnak was once the holiday destination of choice for the rich and famous. At least, it was until the planet spun off its axis, and a deadly virus wiped out its population.

Now it's absolutely the last place anyone wants to visit: a barren, ice-encrusted wasteland, sitting amongst the stars. So when Bernice, Ruth and their loud-mouthed cab driver Ray are drawn off course, it's fair to say that they've all had better days.

Taking refuge inside the Xanadu Tower resort, the trio encounter Kaff Zarnak's only survivors... and maybe the only remaining clue to what took place there. But supplies are low, Sandroaches are attacking on every side, and the only hope of their survival seems to be locked at the top of the Tower.

Perhaps there's a reason what happens on Kaff Zarnak stays on Kaff Zarnak...


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  • Benny mentions the film Casablanca.
  • Yukon mentions the planets Dagda and Killora Prime as places where he and Carol might wind up after leaving Kaff Zarnak.



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