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Paper Moon is the first book in The Team TARDIS Diaries series of children's books, written by Louie Stowell, and featuring the Thirteenth Doctor and her companions, Yaz, Ryan and Graham.

Publisher's summary[]

A brand new series of adventures for the Doctor and her TARDIS team!

The Doctor and her friends find themselves in terrible danger in a psychic forest, and discover a threat as old as time itself, in the first of four linked adventures for Team TARDIS. Written in the form of a diary, with entries from Ryan, Graham and Yaz, and illustrated throughout, this new series is perfect for young fans of Doctor Who.


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  • Boda is home to a peaceful race called the Producers, who are the guardians of the trees.
  • The Doctor is destined, at some point in her future, to save the Producers from a species of bark-eating wasp.

Foods and beverages[]

  • The Doctor eats a custard cream.
  • The Doctor claims that her psychic paper has gotten her out of more scrapes than Ryan has had Yorkshire puddings.
  • Ryan once dropped a bacon roll on the floor and ate it anyway.


  • Boda's moon is a forest moon in the Plim Galaxy.
  • Solarrisa II is an ocean planet.
  • The Producers run a psychic paper factory on Boda.


  • The psychic trees of Boda are made into psychic paper after their death.
  • Yaz flippantly compares the TARDIS console to a laptop.
  • The Producers gift the Doctor a psychic diary made of psychic paper, which records the lives of anyone holding it as they happen.
  • In primary school, Ryan used to sneak looks at his digital watch when he was supposed to be telling the time using the big and small hands on the clock.

Popular culture[]

  • The Doctor has borrowed a first edition copy of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz from Olla.
  • In Year 6, Ryan once turned up to school dressed as Spider-Man after a boy called Keith told him it was a fancy-dress day.


  • The psychic paper diary is unable to detect the dateline whilst in the Time Vortex.
  • The funeral takes place on Day Forty-Eight of the Ninth Cycle, in the 54th century.
  • Team TARDIS set off for the funeral from Wednesday 30 October 2019.


  • The psychic trees of Boda know the moment of their death, and are at peace with it.
  • The TARDIS team found a pack of playing cards and some books to take to Solarrisa II.
  • Graham jokingly suggests the tree's essences go to IKEA when they die.
  • The Doctor admits that gravity still takes her by surprise when the TARDIS lands with a thump.



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