Panther Books Ltd was established in 1952 as an imprint for Hamilton's Ltd to publish paperback fiction. In 1954, under a new editor, Panther Books began to publish a more diverse line of books.

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Between the years 1964 and 1966, in association with Souvenir Press (and in an informal relationship with John Hill Productions), Panther Books co-published multiple books about the Daleks, which included three Annuals, three painting guides, and a pocketbook reference. This collaboration produced at least one other book, The Roger Moore Adventure Book in 1966[1]. With John Hill Productions, but not necessarily Souvenir, Panther published For Bond Lovers Only in 1965[2]. At least one of the books (The Dalek Book) lists the publishers as Panther Books Ltd in association with Souvenir Press Ltd, as opposed to the reverse. However it was actually Souvenir Press, with the groundwork laid by Jack Fishman of John Hill Productions, that had entered into agreement with Terry Nation. The Dalek Pocketbook and Space Travellers Guide, which carries the Panther logo on its cover, indicates that Panther Books was responsible for the distribution of that book. Printing was done by other companies.