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Pandora was the third story of the second series of Big Finish's Gallifrey audio series. It was written by Justin Richards.

Publisher's summary[]

"The APC-Net stores the preserved brainwaves of dead Time Lords... But not all our thoughts are pure and innocent."

A rogue TARDIS that should not exist... A mutilated, comatose Time Lord who cannot be identified... A new castellan desperate to make his mark... Evils of the past, events of the present, and echoes of the future conspire to destroy the very heart of Gallifrey's civilisation.

Only Romana can understand it — but she is haunted by her own ghosts. Only Leela can sense it — but she has unfinished business. Only Braxiatel can stop it — but he cannot begin to guess the personal cost.

With both Narvin and Darkel waiting for Romana to make a mistake, the President must take decisions that will change Gallifrey forever. And an ancient evil is ready and waiting for just that moment...


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  • K9 attempted to use the unique artron activity in the "broken man's" brain to identify him.
  • Darkel tells Romana that Braxiatel has been breaking the First Law of Time and making contact with his past and future selves.
  • Andred found Gillestes attempting to contaminate the Capitol's water supply in the name of Free Time.
  • Wynter considered threatening Gillestes with a mind probe.
  • Braxiatel gets appointed to the position of High Chancellor.
  • Braxiatel appointed Leela as temporary Castellan due to the absence of Wynter.



  • Braxiatel previously revealed to Narvin that he had been supplying his future self with artefacts for his collection. (AUDIO: Lies)

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  1. Leeson plays both K9 Mark I and K9 Mark II.