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Painting Peril, based upon the TV story Mona Lisa's Revenge, is the third photo novelisation of a story from Series 3 of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Publisher's summary[]

Clyde, Luke and Rani go to an art gallery to see the most famous painting in the world – the Mona Lisa. But when they get there, strange things start to happen. This is one school trip they will never forget!


Clyde wins a competition with his painting. Therefore his class goes on a school trip to the International Gallery. However, when Mr Harding, the owner of the gallery wants to show them the Mona Lisa, the Mona Lisa is gone from the painting. Instead the painting shows Mr Harding's assistant Miss Trupp. The class, Haresh Chandra and Mrs Taylor are shocked. Just when Mr Harding asks where the Mona Lisa is, he hears a voice behind him. It comes from the Mona Lisa herself, who has become alive. She carries a Sontaran blaster which she took from Clyde's painting.

The Mona Lisa tells Clyde, Rani, Luke and Mr Harding that she was painted with paint made from a rock that had fallen from space. For five hundred years she had been stuck in the painting, but she could get out of the painting when she came into the International Gallery. A Chinese Puzzle Box, which was created by aliens, caused an energy making the Mona Lisa able to escape the painting.

Meanwhile, Sarah Jane Smith hears from Mr Smith that the Mona Lisa has been stolen. She arrives at the International Gallery when the Mona Lisa points the Sontaran blaster at Clyde, Rani, Luke and Mr Harding. The Mona Lisa traps Sarah Jane inside a painting. However Sarah Jane drops her sonic lipstick, which is found by Rani. Rani points it at the Mona Lisa and the tip glows red. Rani sends the Mona Lisa back to her painting. Miss Trupp and Sarah Jane fall out of the pictures. Sarah Jane zaps the Chinese Puzzle Box to make sure that the Mona Lisa can never escape the picture again.


  • Chapter 1: School Trip Surprise
  • Chapter 2: Meet Mona Lisa
  • Chapter 3: In the Picture
  • Chapter 4: Alien Art




  • The photo novelisation is suitable for grade 2 students. Inside the book, there are many photos from the televised story with little text. It is for children who are learning to read.

Deviations from the televised story[]

  • The Abomination isn't mentioned in the novelisation. Instead the Mona Lisa becomes alive because she is near a Chinese Puzzle Box, created by aliens. The puzzle box creates an alien energy which made her able to escape the picture.

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