Paint was a liquid or semi-liquid substance used to colour other objects or create artwork. It was also used to refer to the act of using the substance to colour other objects or create artwork.

The Volnexians encountered by Peri Brown wore red and green body paint from head to toe. (PROSE: Turnabout is Fair Play)

The TARDIS painted pink. (TV: The Happiness Patrol)

The Happiness Patrol painted the TARDIS pink, which they considered a happier colour than blue. (TV: The Happiness Patrol)

Popplewell, in his guise as a painter at the Festival of Britain, tried to paint the TARDIS white, but the TARDIS repelled the paint. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Exodus)

A spray painter spray-painted "Bad Wolf" graffiti on the TARDIS in Powell Estate. (TV: Aliens of London)

Wilfred Mott used a paintball gun to attempt to blind a Dalek by shooting it in the eye stalk. However, the effort proved useless when the Dalek promptly vaporised the paint, clearing its vision. (TV: The Stolen Earth)

The Pandorica Opens was painted by Vincent van Gogh in 1890. (TV: The Pandorica Opens)

Giuseppe di Cattivo used the minerals from a sentient meteorite as pigments for his paint. It was used by him to create The Abomination, and lent some of it to Leonardo da Vinci for one copy of the Mona Lisa. (TV: Mona Lisa's Revenge)

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