Pai'ngya (in English, Stands-in-the-Middle) was a War prophet of the North American Kiowa tribe and a likely subject of Cousin Belial's experiments with the Remote in North America. Born in 1849, he participated in a Ghost Dance ceremony during the summer of 1875 and (as he told Dr James Mooney in 1896) he was visited by a dakina which told him he would do battle with a buffalo man and take his rifle, which would demand a "tribute in bone and blood" but have the power to bring his ancestors back from the dead to drive the whites from the Kiowa lands. Two weeks later, he was involved in a skirmish with African American soldiers from Fort Sill and lost the pinky finger of his left hand fighting Sergeant James Rufus Daly. However, he then killed and scalped the Sargeant and stole his rifle.

Pai'ngya believed himself to be an extension of this rifle, which he called A'daltem Ano'nde. He led the Kiowa into fifteen successful raiding parties against white settlers in Texas and Oklahoma between October 1876 and January 1879. This included a September 1877 attack on a wagon train near Red Clay Ridge, where the Kiowa left alive Nancy Sims Wilhauer (then seven years old). He died in 1900 and was the subject of Sazali Sabudin's 1972 book Pai'ngya Stands-in-the-Middle: Cunning Mesmerist or Holy Warrior? (PROSE: The Book of the War)

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