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Packer was the security chief of International Electromatics. He assisted Tobias Vaughn with his plans to aid the Cybermen in their invasion of Earth.


When Isobel Watkins first came to IE headquarters and took photographs of Vaughn, Packer escorted her from Vaughn's office to the exit. (PROSE: Prelude Iceberg)

Packer and his guards captured the Second Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon when they first infiltrated the IE offices. Packer then brought them to Vaughn, and later escorted them out.

Packer and his guards later caught the Doctor and Jamie searching for Zoe Heriot and Isobel in the loading bay. Vaughn arrived and eased the situation when he said the Doctor and Jamie could travel with him and Packer to one of Vaughn's compounds outside London.

At the compound, the Doctor and Jamie escaped from Packer. Packer was unable to capture them, and the Doctor, Jamie, Zoe and Isobel escaped in a UNIT helicopter. Vaughn, angry at Packer's failure to capture the Doctor, berated him.

When they returned to London, Packer was present when Vaughn began reviving the Cybermen. When Vaughn used Professor Watkins' Cerebration Mentor on a Cyberman, the machine drove it mad, and it attacked Packer. Packer fired his gun at it and the Cyberman eventually followed the other Cybermen into the London sewers. Packer worried that it would kill anybody who was in the sewers, but Vaughn said anybody fool enough to be down in the sewers deserved to die.

Packer was present in Vaughn's office when the Doctor returned to speak with Vaughn. Packer said the Doctor was mad to return but Vaughn said he was "merely human".

After Vaughn destroyed the Cyber-Planner after the Cybermen thought he betrayed them, he called Packer into his office. However, instead of seeing Packer on the video screen, Vaughn and the Doctor saw a Cyberman. Packer then entered into the office, telling Vaughn that the Cybermen wouldn't obey their orders and that they had turned on them. Packer then grabbed Vaughn, asking him what he had done. Just then, a Cyberman entered into the office. Packer attempted to shoot at it, but was shot and killed by the Cyberman. The Cyberman was then destroyed when the Doctor used the Cerebration Mentor on it. (TV: The Invasion)


Packer was very aggressive towards the Doctor and his friends. Vaughn also used Packer as leverage to make Professor Watkins work on his machine, saying that if he didn't comply, he would hand Isobel over to Packer. (TV: The Invasion)