Pacifism was the term used to describe the beliefs of anyone who opposed wars and the use of violence. Anyone who took this choice of life was known as a pacifist.

The Seventh Doctor once described it as a "noble ideal". (AUDIO: Fiesta of the Damned) "Pacifism" was a swear word for Sontarans, who found honour only in battle. (AUDIO: The Eternal Battle)

Pacifist species Edit

After the neutronic war that mutated its survivors, the Thals became a pacifist race. (TV: "The Ambush") The First Doctor wanted them to attack the Daleks, telling his granddaughter Susan that it was "no time for morals". (TV: "The Expedition")

During the human-Hath War on Messaline in 6012, there was an outbreak of pacifism among the humans in the Eastern Zone, three generations before the Tenth Doctor's arrival. (TV: The Doctor's Daughter)

The Arbitans were pacifistic until the Voord forced them to fight. (TV: The Keys of Marinus)

Rills only fought when attacked and were left with no other options. (PROSE: Galaxy Four)

The Dulcians outlawed wars. (TV: The Dominators)

The Humanoid Daleks were pacifists before their leader, Drenz, was murdered by the Dalek War Minister, Zolfian. (COMIC: Genesis of Evil)

After the Cybermen became Cyberlords, they were pacifists. (PROSE: Synthespians™)

The Telphin became pacifists after it was "banished from their culture". (COMIC: Memorial)

The Thains were pacifists to the point of having no weapons save in their museum. This left them unable to defend themselves when the Kleptons attacked their city. (COMIC: The Klepton Parasites)

Pacifist individuals Edit

Herrick branded Orfe a pacifist as he had no wish to take up arms against the Time Lords. (TV: Underworld)

Sarah Jane Smith often expressed her dislike for violence. (TV: Invasion of the Bane, TV: The Stolen Earth)

During the Thousand Year War on Skaro, Kaled pacifists were known as "peace activists" and were viewed with suspicion and disdain. Major Brogan was secretly a peace activist in spite of the fact that he was an officer in the Military Elite. (AUDIO: Innocence) Yarvell was inspired by his example to become involved with the peace movement. (AUDIO: Purity)

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