PAND-R was a robotic panda who travelled with Iris Wildthyme during a period of her life in which she was separated from Panda.

History Edit

PAND-R was created by a professor who lived in Holby Space City in the 30th century. Iris Wildthyme came to the city after getting a dose of lurgy and encountered the professor and PAND-R. After the professor cured Iris by cloning her and sending the clone inside her to cure the disease, he entrusted PAND-R to Iris because he was going to work on Earth and his employers wouldn't let him bring a robot.

After travelling with Iris for some time, PAND-R began tricking Iris into going to planets where robots did "horrible things" to humanoids. First, he suggested going to Sexxilon, where Iris got attacked by a vacuum and living skeletons. He then suggested they go to a spa vessel run by handsome robots which malfunctioned and tried to kill everyone with massages. Iris began to become suspicious when they went to planet where crystalline robots kidnapped geniuses and made them work in a call centre.

Iris and PAND-R got stuck on a planet covered in an acid sea and encountered men in rubber suits. After Iris helped the natives find five keys, they left the planet. PAND-R took control of the bus and to a planet where Synthetic Men were cryogenically frozen.

After leaving the ice planet, Iris received a distress call from MIAOW. After saving the Earth from Samantha, Iris gave PAND-R to Jenny Winterleaf.

Years later, PAND-R used a pooper scooper to bring Panda and five incarnations of Iris with their respective companions to a desolate wilderness. He also brought Atrocious Snowmen, Synthetic Men, Voobi, Gaar, Bummies, and Chumbloids to the wilderness for the Irises to fight. The Irises got past the monsters and faced PAND-R in a tower.

PAND-R attended Iris' party in 1972 Hobbe's End. (PROSE: From Wildthyme with Love)

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