Out of the Unknown was a British science fiction series.

When he encountered a Dalek on 20 July 1966, Kennedy thought it looked like the kind of robot that the BBC dreamed up for Out of the Unknown. (PROSE: The Evil of the Daleks)

Behind the scenes Edit

Numerous Doctor Who actors appeared on Out of the Unknown, including Patrick Troughton, Deborah Watling, Bernard Kay and Bernard Horsfall.

Incidentally, the Daleks did appear in Out of the Unknown, in Get Off My Cloud, the final episode of season 3, which aired in March of 1969. The episode's designer was Raymond Cusick, who originally designed the Daleks for Doctor Who.

In fact, Out of the Unknown shared props with Doctor Who in both directions. The White Robots in TV: The Mind Robber were actually repainted dark robots from an episode of Out of the Unknown entitled The Prophet.

Paddy Russell was a director for the series, as was Christopher Barry. Brian Hayles wrote two episodes for the series. Christine Rawlins was a costumer.

Guest actors included David Savile in his very first role, Alethea Charlton, Vernon Dobtcheff, Mark Eden, Philip Voss, Keith Pyott, Fulton Mackay, Keith Barron, Peter Fraser, Edwin Richfield, Barry Ashton, Steve Peters, Royston Tickner, John Rolfe, John Baskcomb, Fulton Mackay, Beatrix Lehmann, James Maxwell, John Carson, Alec Ross, George Lee, Michael Wolf, Wolfe Morris, Michael McStay, Arne Gordon, Jack May, Tony Handy, Geoffrey Frederick, Brian Cullingford, Laidlaw Dalling, Bill Lyons, Ian Frost, Peter Thornton, Nancie Jackson, John Hicks, Clifford Cox, Sylvester Morand and Christopher Tranchell.

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