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Orr was a Sorvan sexual psychomorph and a member of Torchwood Three.

Created by Sorvix genesmiths, Orr was given by Ro-Jedda to Vincent Parry as a gift and saved from a bomb by Jack Harkness. They joined Torchwood and supported Yvonne Hartman's takeover, later becoming God's new herald and gaining her powers for a time and using them to thwart the Committee.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Orr was birthed by genesmiths (AUDIO: Love Rat) on Sorva and served as a courtesan to a number of unpleasant individuals. They spent some time in a relationship with a partner of the same species, changing to meet every sexual whim of the other before settling down. Aside from that, Orr described their life as always being lonely. (AUDIO: Orr)

Whilst on Sorva, Orr was "acquired" by Ro-Jedda. They fled with the Sorvix to Cardiff through the Rift. (AUDIO: Orr) Their first human owner was a woman who ran a dot-com and liked them to talk about complex mathematics such as Langton's ant whilst wearing bunny ears. (AUDIO: Zero Hour) They had a number of unpleasant owners. (AUDIO: Orr)

Life with Torchwood Edit

Joining Torchwood Edit

Ro-Jedda gave Orr to Vincent Parry as a gift. She took the form of his late first wife, Catrin, and pretended to be her for weeks at his estate. They wore a control necklace with the potential to the destroy the city to keep them from leaving and they swam in it every day.

When Ro-Jedda had Parry killed, they went to Cardiff Airport to flee the city, dressed in a burqa. They were taken by Jack Harkness and Tyler Steele to the Hub where St John Colchester tried to remove the necklace, as did Hatch in his shop. They then had Jack drive them to the Brecon Beacons where the detonation would not kill anybody but herself, but the necklace did not explode (AUDIO: Orr) thanks to the intervention of God in the future. (AUDIO: Thoughts and Prayers)

Orr returned to Cardiff, which Jack said was her home. (AUDIO: Orr) They helped them investigate Sorvix deaths in Cardiff Bay Intelligent Hotel and Spa, being more able to fit in thanks to them being a Sorvan. Their unique physiognomy was crucial to uncovering that the hotel itself was the real culprit as their body developed a working lift and they tried to reason with the hotel, giving it the name "Resine". After the hotel was stopped, Jack told Orr that they would be seeing a lot more of what Torchwood did. (AUDIO: Superiority Complex)

Early career Edit

Orr joined Ng and Andy Davidson in investigating bodies with no identifiable cause of death. At the mortuary, they encountered Jack and examined the bodies before Orr had a seizure and repeatedly changed forms. They were taken back to the Hub where Mr Colchester was able to calm them down and where they realised that their seizure was caused by the parasite responsible for the killings. (AUDIO: Love Rat)

Orr supplied Mr Colchester with a report on Zaheed Shah and went with Jack to help Andy with a Sorvix hostage situation after having a painful reaction to the Ritz Tower, which Bilis Manger was used to channel human aggression. (AUDIO: A Kill to a View) They helped Ng and Tyler by looking into Deliverables and working out what they were up to, remembering Langton's ant, and babysat Anwen whilst Ng went out to stop the operation. (AUDIO: Zero Hour) They also identified that Andy had shot a refugee under the control of a quantum splice.

Alongside Ng and Mr Colchester, Orr confronted Jack about how Torchwood was being run. (AUDIO: The Empty Hand) They found the fireworm that Yvonne Hartman placed inside Xander Vaughn and, using it, exposed Jack's involvement with him and Red Doors. They chose to stay with Torchwood after Yvonne took over. (AUDIO: Poker Face) On orders from Yvonne to draw the attention of the Meme, they went onto social media and trolled in order to make themself hated. Whilst successful, this resulted in them passing out due to their empathetic powers. (AUDIO: Tagged)

Orr met with Jack in the hospital after he was unable to prevent Red Doors from bombing Cardiff Airport. They told him that he had to take down Red Doors and, to that end, joined him and Inspector Bernstein in raiding their bases. However, they were empty. After identifying that Ng was not Gwen, Orr drove Mr Colchester and Tyler to the hospital but stopped to question worshippers about God. (AUDIO: Herald of the Dawn) Mr Colchester had a heart attack in the car and died. (AUDIO: Future Pain) God reached out to Orr and found them fascinating, showing them what she wanted. (AUDIO: Future Pain)

God's arrival Edit

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Orr joined Jack on his hunt for the plasmic psychovore that they mistakenly believed to be God and went with him to Mr Colchester's funeral. They destroyed the psychovore by transforming into itself and having it feed on its own future pain and caused embarrassment and confusion for Colin when she changed into Jack's form in his presence. They convinced Jack to return to Torchwood, being concerned about Yvonne and her motivations. (AUDIO: Future Pain)

Brent Hayden believed that Orr, whose name he believed was Core, attended a speech that he gave and spoke up in support of him due to their empathetic powers, being told off by Jack afterwards. He also dreamt that they fell in love with him and that they died in his arms after betraying Jack for him. (AUDIO: The Man Who Destroyed Torchwood)

When a predator shrouded Cardiff in darkness, Orr and Ng remained in the Hub, unable to see. When Orr began to grow the predator's teeth and feel its urges, they realised that it was in the Hub with them and told Ng to run. God appeared to them and took them with her for a talk. (AUDIO: See No Evil) God tasked them with looking after those put to sleep by the Night Sun and with absorbing the blue light which came with it. They did so, following God's directions to Tyler, Yvonne, Mr Colchester and finally to Jack. God then offered to show Orr her love, which they accepted. They were overwhelmed, screaming before turning into a puddle. (AUDIO: Night Watch)

Orr lived in a tent where they pondered their new identity, as they no longer transformed into others' ideal sexual partners but who they wanted to see the most. They were approached by Bethan Foster when they took the form of her son Anthony and was later forced to leave the tent after being bombarded with visitors wanting them to do the same. Bethan told Tyler about Orr, causing him to call Jack. (AUDIO: A Mother's Son)

God, feeling that Orr was the only person capable of truly loving her, transferred her powers to them. Orr used them to supply the people of Cardiff with drinking water until they could bear the strain no longer. (AUDIO: Day Zero) God attempted to reclaim her powers from Orr through sex but was unable to. Yvonne used the Lens to direct Orr's powers at Erebus through the Rift, destroying the Committee's planet. Like the rest of Torchwood, Orr went on the run after the Committee's defeat. (AUDIO: Thoughts and Prayers)

Personality Edit

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Orr believed that all lives were equal, be they organic or mechanical, (AUDIO: Superiority Complex) and would not accept the loss of innocent lives. (AUDIO: Orr, Herald of the Dawn) However, they had a grudge against the Sorvix due to the death of Vincent Parry. (AUDIO: Superiority Complex)

They preferred the personal pronoun "they" (AUDIO: Orr) and title "Mx". (AUDIO: Superiority Complex) Their empathy made them attuned to others, sometimes providing deep insights into the other's psyche. (AUDIO: Superiority Complex) Because of this, they always felt that they knew what people were doing and what was going on in their minds and enjoyed the rare occasion in which they she did not. (AUDIO: Night Watch)

Behind the scenes Edit

The character of Orr was created by Russell T Davies. (VOR 102)

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