Ornithopters were a type of aircraft that used flapping wings to fly. (PROSE: The Also People)

The various intelligent insects of Sentarion used ornithopters. Those used by the universities had special markings to identify them. (PROSE: Shakedown)

Instead of using buses on Ha'olam, they used ornithopters. (PROSE: Seeing I)

Whilst visiting The People's Worldsphere the Seventh Doctor remarked that there were few examples of ornithopters that have successfully flown in "this dimension". (PROSE: The Also People)

In the Fourth universe on the planet Quinnis ornithopters were used by huntsmen to travel between settlements to kill shrazer. (AUDIO: Quinnis)

Mordred mentioned the helicopter piloted by Flight Lieutenant Lavel as being like one of the ornithopters on Arthur's World, "but with whirling blades for wings". (TV: Battlefield)