The Orion War was a conflict or series of conflicts that took place in the Orion System in the late 25th and early 26th centuries between the Orion androids and humans. It began in 2495.

History[edit | edit source]

By the early 26th century, androids were commonplace in Earth Empire society, but were viewed as an under-class. The Orion androids finally became fed up with the situation and moved en masse to the relatively unused Orion System. They set up their own government, with the stipulation that humans living in the system could stay if they accepted android rule. The Earth Empire considered this a violation of sentient rights, and attacked.

After eight years of fighting, the war had reached a stalemate; to break it, the Earth Military sent an agent to the Garazone System to retrieve Cyber-Technology from a derelict Cyberman Star Destroyer, abandoned in the Cyber-Wars a generation earlier. The agent was in reality a android double agent, Deeva Jansen, who wished to discover the secrets of Cyber-conversion to use on their human prisoners of war, The Eighth Doctor managed to dissuade her from retrieving the technology and kept the reactivated Star Destroyer busy until it was destroyed by a local ion storm. (AUDIO: Sword of Orion)

In the intervening years, the Scorpius Project was formed to salvage any Cyber-Technology. Over twenty years into the Orion War, the Earth Military found a source, in a crashed Cyber-Ship off the coast of the Isle of Wight, a remnant of a past invasion. However, the Cybermen and Cyber-Planner on board managed to hijack the project, and use it as a front to take over Earth. (AUDIO: Scorpius, Conversion) Liam Barnaby allied with the Android Horde, and along with Samantha Thorn, narrowly avoided the Cybermen reawakening in their vaults in the remnants of Telos. (AUDIO: Telos)

The Orion War was implied to be part of the greater conflict known as the Cyber-Wars. (WC: Real Time)

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