An organic avatar was created by a civilisation on the planet Unnamed BX-4 to act as a physical user interface to the giant computer system known as the Jungle.

Organic avatar linked with Hadax Ura (Spirits of the Jungle)

Organic avatar linked with Hadax Ura. (COMIC: Spirits of the Jungle)

The avatar took on the form of the deceased Danny Pink to assist the Twelfth Doctor after they had arrived to find the living weapon the Hadax Ura. The avatar informed them that the Hadax Ura was devouring the Jungle, and had enslaved the indigenous wildife by turning them into "tools of war", and asked the Doctor to either destroy the army or take it elsewhere. Taking on the form of Clara Oswald, the organic avatar tricked the Hadax Ura into linking to it, and appeared to shut itself down, but this was part of a double-bluff on the Hadax Ura's part to get on board Mr Hitch's lander.

Later, the avatar used the whole Jungle's wildlife to destroy the augmented Wiremu and Gela, saving Clara's life. When the Doctor announced he was leaving the jungle, Clara kissed the avatar, which was back in Danny's form. (COMIC: Spirits of the Jungle)

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