Orcini was a Senior Knight of the Grand Order of Oberon. He travelled with his squire, Bostock.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Senior Knight[edit | edit source]

Orcini was a Senior Knight of the Grand Order of Oberon (PROSE: The Secret Lives of Monsters) and famous. Legends arose like a fanfare through the galaxy that he need only breathe upon opponents to kill them.

However, he did not glory in his work. To cleanse his conscience, he gave whatever fee he received to charity. He almost always listened to Bostock's infallible instincts. The only time he didn't, he got an artificial leg. It was a faulty hydraulic leg, however, and was inclined to jam when he sat. Though he had been offered to have it repaired he declined, he felt that the fault helped to keep him alert. Though he was temporarily excommunicated from the Grand Order of Oberon, he still tried to live by its rules.

Orcini and Bostock were hired by Kara, a woman of great power over Tranquil Repose on the planet Necros, to assassinate Davros, who was using the alias of the Great Healer. Orcini viewed the death of Davros as a great and honourable kill as in the old days when the Order fought against evil. Kara gave him a transmitter, really a bomb to activate when he was inside Davros' lair. Orcini and Bostock attacked Davros and believed they had destroyed him, only to find it was a fake. The real Davros appeared and Daleks attacked and destroyed Orcini's leg.

When a hostile Dalek faction arrived to take Davros, Orcini decided to detonate the bomb and destroy Davros' Daleks and, he hoped, Davros himself. He gave his medal to the Sixth Doctor to return to the Order. When he left, Orcini, holding Bostock's dead body, activated the bomb to destroy Davros' new Daleks. (TV: Revelation of the Daleks)

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Learning of his death, the order was saddened by the news. In their statement, they recounted that he had continued to live by the order's rules and had embarked on a quest to kill Davros, which they saw as a noble assignment, with Bostock. Because Orcini had destroyed the Dalek army, Supreme Master Talcadian, who referred to Orcini as a member of the order, compared the effect of his actions to those of another member of the order, Abslom Daak, and said many people in the universe now "owed so much" to Orcini. His name was also added to the order's Roll of the Glorious Dead. (PROSE: The Secret Lives of Monsters)

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