An orchestrator is a person who interprets a composer's score to maximise its effect when played by a full orchestra. In this pursuit, he or she will be most concerned with determining which individual instruments play which specific parts of the music. Often, but not always, the orchestrator will also be the conductor of the orchestra.

In Doctor Who history, orchestrators were not formally credited until late in the RTD era, and then only on special occasion, as with The End of Time. During the Moffat era, the orchestrator began to be credited on a more regular basis. Until 2011, the only individual ever credited as an orchestrator had been Ben Foster, who also acted as the conductor of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Doctor Who's usual orchestra.

In The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, Jeremy Holland-Smith provided "additional orchestrations".

Geoff Alexander was the orchestrator for 2013's An Adventure in Space and Time.

In 2015, Alastair King took over completely as orchestrator, for most of series 9 and all of series 10.

Around this time, the 2016 spin-off Class used Anthony Weeden as their orchestrator.

Beginning with series 11, following the departure of composer Murray Gold, Alec Roberts took on this role.

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