An orchestra was a group of musicians who played music for an audience.

Orchestras were often featured in the incidental music of television shows and movies. A television show being filmed in the Broadcasting House featured a ten-piece orchestra performing the incidental music for the show. (PROSE: Losing the Audience) A film viewed by Richard and Debbie also featured an orchestra in its incidental music. (PROSE: The Very Last Picture Show)

An orchestra performed dance music on Sunday mornings at the platform at the Cremorne gardens. (PROSE: The Lampblack Wars)

During his visit to Naples, the Third Doctor saw an orchestra playing a waltz in a crowded ballroom. (PROSE: Danse Macabre)

The Doctor owned an album by Pakafroon Wabster's Broken Soul Gang Orchestra. (PROSE: The Clanging Chimes of Doom)

Isaac composed music for an orchestra. (PROSE: An Overture Too Early) One piece he composed amplified the effects of an anti-electron field operated by Hu. Because of this, it had the power to raze whole worlds. Isaac became trapped in a mirror by this effect, and was saved by his orchestra playing the song while Hu ran his generators. (PROSE: Resonance)

The TARDIS had a music room with chairs set up for an orchestra. (PROSE: Walkin' City Blues)

The Duchess of Richmond had a ballroom in which an orchestra played. (PROSE: World Game)

The Cirrandaria featured a convincing holographic orchestra. (PROSE: Vanderdeken's Children)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]


Doctor Who Theme - Doctor Who Prom - BBC Proms 2013 - Radio 3

The Doctor Who theme, performed by a live orchestra at the 2013 BBC Proms.

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During the BBC Wales incarnation of Doctor Who, some incidental music, particularly by composer Murray Gold, made use of a live orchestra, led by a conductor and orchestrator.

Some live events also centred on orchestral performances of Doctor Who music. Doctor Who: A Celebration began this tradition in 2006, followed by Doctor Who at the Proms in 2008, 2010 and 2013. The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, in Melbourne and Sydney, followed a similar premise.

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