The Orbus Postramo (Orphans of the Future) was an alien-worshipping cult formed in the 15th century. By the 21st century, it was a global concern, secretly embedded in companies around the Earth. The cult was divided into two rival factions — the Crimson Chapter and the White Chapter.

History[edit | edit source]

After the Brotherhood of Demnos had been decimated by the manipulations of the Mandragora Helix in 1492, Duke Giuliano organised the survivors into a beneficent group known as the Orbus Postramo. (AUDIO: Dreamland) His journal, the Book of Tomorrows describing his discussions with the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith, became their holy book. Because Sarah was described in the book by Giuliano, the leaders of both factions in the 21st century believed her to be the herald that would precede the return of aliens to Earth. The White Chapter believed those aliens would bring about a new age of enlightenment, whilst the Red Chapter believed they would bring the End of Days with the destruction of Humanity. (AUDIO: Fatal Consequences)

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