An orbitus was a multi-functional robot not usually seen on any world but Skaro. Nevertheless, Captain Rod Marlow found one on a mission to a planet the Daleks had deserted. In 2612, he brought it back and gave to his son, Roger, as a birthday present. The orbitus saved Roger's life when the boy was captured by the criminals Sheer and Karsoff.

It had the capacity to adapt extremely quickly to its master's wishes above and beyond the extraordinary ability to process human speech and make logical deductions about what it heard. It also had a geomath calculator which helped it play draughts and other board games; a sensor receiver, which allowed it to "hijack" images shown at local cinemas and display them locally; sonic diffuser beams, which allowed for simple cleaning tasks; photomatic memory cells, which gave it "all the knowledge in the world"; anti-grav propulsors, which converted it into a high-speed vehicle; the ability to travel underwater and to provide air bubbles for organic passengers and metron disseminator beams that could burn through metal. (COMIC: The Orbitus)

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