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Option Lock was the eighth novel in the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures series. It was written by Justin Richards, released 2 February 1998 and featured the Eighth Doctor and Sam Jones.

Publisher's summary[]

Landing in present-day England, all appears serene as the Doctor and Sam emerge from the TARDIS into the idyllic grounds of the Silver family's ancestral home. Only when they enter the house do they suspect things are not what they seem.

How far-reaching is the strange power of a secret society almost 700 years old, and how is it linked to the mysterious Station Nine? And what is the significance of a series of paintings that drove a man to suicide?

From thirteenth-century England to the former Soviet Union, from the United States to the cold wastes of space, the various strands of a complex plan come together and threaten to engulf the world in a nightmare of nuclear destruction...


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  • Eighth Doctor
  • Sam Jones
  • Captain William Pickering
  • Norton Silver
  • Penelope Silver
  • Norton Silver's father
  • President Tom Dering
  • Vice-President Jack Michaels
  • Pete Kellerman
  • Henry Tanner
  • Henry Tanner's father
  • Miss Allworthy
  • Mrs Thompson
  • General Howard Kane
  • Barbara Kane
  • Colonel Anatoli Roskov
  • Anatoli Roskov's mother
  • Sergeant Gregor Roskov
  • Private Ivan Roskov
  • Lieutenant Ivigan
  • Colonel Jean-Pierre Tannerie
  • Jean-Pierre Tannerie's father
  • Jean-Pierre Tannerie's mother
  • Paul Sargent
  • Alan Ferrer
  • Alan Ferrer's wife
  • Alan Ferrer's daughters
  • Matthew Siolfor
  • Thomas Kilner
  • St John Ross
  • Henry Tannian
  • William Wyrpe
  • Tobias Pryce
  • Don Hallett
  • Neil Ansty
  • Reese
  • Andrew Price
  • Raymond Coulter
  • Weapons Officer Nikita Veyevski
  • Sergeant Kosimov
  • General Orominsk
  • Jimmy Reading
  • Nancy
  • Harry Pringle
  • Ben
  • Harold Horner
  • Andy Summers
  • Bag Man
  • Colonel Atkins
  • Captain Sanders
  • Major Susan Rogers
  • Secretary of State Marion Hewitt
  • Major Hayward
  • Steve Fisher
  • Angela Palmer
  • Zina Chreschky
  • Pierre Latour
  • Geoff Harrison
  • Janet Timms
  • Manuel Estavez
  • Helene Buchier



  • Sam gets hypnotised and memories hidden.
  • Norton Silver is a freelance hypnotist for the Ministry of Defence.
  • Pete Kellerman is the replacement of America's previous national security advisor who was assassinated. He is also a member of the alchemists and also a descendant of the original alchemists.
  • Colonel Anatoli Roskov is the commander of the Nevchenka nuclear base in Krejikistan.



  • Khameirians see their bodies as just vessels for their consciousness.
  • The Khameirians were at war with the Yogloth.




  • The title of each chapter is taken from the final paragraphs of the preceding one.


  • Sam sees a full moon and shudders, remembering the recent events in PROSE: Kursaal.
  • The epilogue features an older Sam Jones who does not travel with the Doctor; this must take place after PROSE: Interference - Book Two.

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