Ophiuchus was the fifth story of The Many Lives of Doctor Who, published in 2018.

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As the Thirteenth Doctor settles into her new body, she reflects that this is not her thirteenth body. And indeed, she's not the first Time Lord to surpass the limit of thirteen bodies.

Accompanied by Tegan Jovanka, the Fifth Doctor descends in a lift down to the Cloisters, casually advising Tegan to mind the slider, before Nyssa and Vislor catch up. As the Doctor tells them more about the Cloisters, he finds the entrance to Ophiuchus' secret lair, hidden behind a hologram.

Ophiuchus cordially welcomes them all, noting that all he wants to do is uncover the secrets of regeneration for medical purposes, something that the Doctor's companions cannot find fault with. As the two Time Lords begin a debate about the experiments, Ophiuchus collapses, asking for the Doctor's help to trigger his regeneration. Pushed along by his companions, the Doctor imparts a tiny bit of his regeneration energy into one of Ophiuchus's machines, allowing the device to copy the biosignature and allow Ophiuchus to regenerate.

When the golden light dies, the now female Ophiuchus is pushed to leave Gallifrey by the Doctor. Grateful the Time Lady departs, noting that her research may one day aid the Doctor. After she departs, the Doctor is left to explain to Nyssa how gender works for Time Lords.

Change is the only constant. But it felt different for the Fifth Doctor.

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