Operation Wurlitzer was a TV Comic story featuring the Second Doctor.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Kurt Wurlitzer is one of the wealthiest property tycoons in the universe. When his son is kidnapped by a group of treacherous dwarfs, he asks the Doctor to help. The Doctor leads a team of specialists on a dangerous mission to rescue young Wurlitzer from an underground cell.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Jason Wurlitzer, son of one of the universe's wealthiest men, is flying over a strange planet when he is kidnapped by a group of dwarfs. The Doctor arrives, and tries to save him. The dwarfs send the Doctor to deliver the ransom note to his father, Kurt Wurlitzer. Knowing he can't possibly give them the three million tonnes of uranium they're asking for, as they'd be able to build nuclear rockets, Wurlitzer offers to hire any help the Doctor may need to rescue Jason from the dwarfs' confinement.

The Doctor requests three people for his rescue mission: Hik Wellar, the "greatest" big game hunter known, "Fingers" O'Flannegan, "the slickest jail breaker on record", and Professor Neob Frankel from the Advanced Space Travel Institute.

With the professor's special space vehicle from the Institute, they arrive back on the planet of the dwarfs undetected. Making their way through fifty miles of dense jungle, Wellar takes down a giant beast. The team makes their way down to the underground base where Jason is being held, but they are apprehended as Fingers is trying to open a combination lock.

As the group is led to the cells to be held there as well, the Doctor notices spray cans of foam, a substance he remembers the dwarfs using when they took down Jason's plane. It turns into solid bubbles when released. Fingers nicks a canister on orders, and the Doctor immobilises one of the captors. The others follow suit, encasing the dwarfs in bubbles.

Finally, they reach Jason's cell. Fingers gets the cell door open, and the five make their way out, canisters in hand to immobilise those who stood in their way. Jason Wurlitzer was saved.

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