Operation Lock-Up was a comic strip, published in Doctor Who: Battles in Time, featuring the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones.

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On the trail of the alien robbers, the Doctor and Martha travel to Tokyo in the future...

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A robbery at the Mega Bank of Tokyo in the year 3000 is the latest part of the "contest". The Doctor and Martha find the two alien gangs are using giants (a remote controlled robot and a mind-controlled Zombie) to break through the bank's defences.

However, this time it is not a robbery but a trap to stop the Doctor and Martha interference in a Yedari's dispute. Escaping the giants, they seal themselves into a vault of jewels that has been rigged by the aliens to release a poisonous green gas. Trapped and overcome by the gas, the Doctor empties the crystal gems onto the floor and uses his sonic screwdriver to make the gems resonate at a frequency that will weaken the structure of the floor enough to create a hole in the floor and enable their escape.

As the aliens teleport away, the Doctor grabs Martha and they follow in the teleport...

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  • The Doctor mentions to Martha that King Pigo of Pergoss was the size of a small chicken.

Notes Edit

  • Supporting the series of collectible Doctor Who trading cards, the magazine carried a regular four page, individually titled comic strip of the Tenth Doctor's adventures.
  • The artwork and colours were bold and bright, reflecting the tone of the magazine and, as did Doctor Who Adventures, reflected the appeal to readers younger than those catered to by Doctor Who Magazine.
  • The Battles in Time comic strip sought to reinforce the association of its Doctor with the one seen on screen with "props" from the TV series: blue/brown suit, sonic screwdriver, psychic paper and his intelligent glasses.

Original print details Edit

  • 3/4 DWBIT 28 (4 pages) TO BE CONTINUED...
  • No reprints to date.

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