You may be looking for the battle itself.

Operation Dynamo was an effort to evacuate Allied forces during the Battle of Dunkirk from the beach at Dunkirk during World War II. It was headquartered in Dover. The Nemonites' interference nearly prevented it, but the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble were able to stop them. (AUDIO: The Nemonite Invasion)

Starting 27 May, (AUDIO: Neverland) 338,000 British Army soldiers were evacuated on boats from the area, 100,000 straight from the beach, (TV: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart) in Operation Dynamo, after they had been cut off from the rest of the army by the Wehrmacht. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Exodus, TV: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart)

The Dunkirk evacuations left British Prime Minister Winston Churchill dispirited. The Doctor spoke to him afterward and was able to lift his mood and convinced him to keep Britain in the war in defiance of Nazi Germany. (AUDIO: The Ultimate Adventure)

In 2009, the Torchwood Three team found the body of a sailor from the Dunkirk evacuation washed up on a beach. (AUDIO: The Sin Eaters)

In November 2016, Corakinus, king of the Shadow Kin and leader of the War of the Underneath, spoke through April MacLean, saying that the soldiers who evacuated were cowards, and should have stayed to fight and die. (TV: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart)

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