Opera of Doom! was a comic story published in the Doctor Who Storybook 2007.

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The Doctor takes Rose to Vanezia, a city dedicated to culture and art, only to find the Opera House has something sinister about it.

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A man is running through the streets of Vanezia, where he is attacked by an advancing figure. Meanwhile, the Doctor and Rose land in the city. The Doctor notices that something is wrong. The building he is facing is not in the book. A man called Frederico Gobbo tells him that it is an opera house. When they introduce themselves, it turns out that the Doctor has heard of him before. When they wait in line for the opera, the Doctor gets a booth seat for free. The Doctor realises that the music is out of place. The three of them go backstage, but two robot creatures capture them and take them down to their lair.

Frederico is told to stay where he is. The Doctor and Rose soon find that the people that were being taken away were being drained for their energy. The culprit is a Lurker called Magrillo, the owner of the Opera House. He tells the Doctor and Rose that many years ago a star fell and told him how to build an Opera House. The Doctor tells him that it was a Rokathia spaceship's black box recorder, a telepathic machine. The box has been sending out a complex mathematical pattern.

Magrillo gets angry at the Doctor and pulls a lever. The headsets the Doctor and Rose are under start pulling the music out of their heads. The Doctor tells Rose to fight the music, but she starts to sing. The Doctor tells Magrillio that Frederico has no talent and tells Frederico to find the Black Bow. Frederico starts to sing it a song and crashes. This blows up Magrillo's minions. He dies as the Doctor and Rose run out of the Opera House.

Meanwhile the Black Box gives Frederico talent. As all three of them escape, the Opera House explodes. Later on The Doctor explains what had happened. As Frederico starts to sing. Rose and the Doctor walk back to the TARDIS.

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