Onomatopoeia was a comic story published in Doctor Who Magazine. It was written by Dan McDaid. It featured the Tenth Doctor and Majenta Pryce.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Doctor takes Majenta to Graveworld 909, where they find that the natives, who are rat-like humanoids, cannot speak. How will they get the people of Graveworld 909 to speak?

Plot[edit | edit source]

The Doctor and Majenta arrive on a planet like ancient Rome. They find they have lost the power of speech. They are attacked by a large sonic defence, but are rescued by rat creatures. The Doctor discovers the robots who are supposed to keep up the planet have fallen into disrepair. Before he can investigate, he, Majenta and the rat people are attacked by more sonic defences, one of which knocks out the Doctor. Majenta escapes and discovers the perpetrator of the silence. It is Prospero, the guardian of the planet, which is a graveworld of one of the Galactic Wars. Majenta has him rebooted, so he returns speech to the planet's inhabitants.

Characters[edit | edit source]

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Story notes[edit | edit source]

  • The story's title, onomatopoeia, is a term that describes the process of creating a word that phonetically resembles or suggests a type of sound. This is in reference to the near entirety of the story consisting only of sound effects represented through words, as is common in comics, in place of spoken dialogue.
  • Unlike previous strips, Majenta's attitude towards the Doctor is noticeably more friendly.
  • This was voted in the 2009 Doctor Who Magazine survey as the least popular comic strip that year.

Continuity[edit | edit source]

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