Only Connect was the third short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Transmissions. It was written by Andy Lane. It featured the Fourth Doctor.


James Willaker is an architect working on a new estate that is still in the very early planning stage. One night he leaves work and takes a taxi. Exhausted, he unthinkingly gives the driver the address of the new estate, which doesn't exist yet. On arriving at the empty site, Willaker wonders how the driver knows about the place, and the driver admits he is a time traveller called the Doctor. He says that many taxi drivers are time travellers.

The Doctor and Willaker go to a café and the Doctor discusses history with Willaker . He talks about the importance of people in history and asks Willaker about any interesting projects he's been involved with. Willaker mentions a strange building called Chase Manor. When they part the Doctor tells Willaker that he should talk with taxi drivers because he'll never know when he has information that could save one of their lives.




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