One Wednesday Afternoon was the twelfth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: A Day in the Life. It was written by Alison Jacobs. It featured the Fifth Doctor and Turlough.


Peggy Garratt is shopping one day when she collides with the Doctor and Turlough. She spills her groceries, and the Doctor helps her pick them up. She heads home and finds that her husband, Stan, has come home early because the factory at which he works has shut down. Peggy finds a necklace in her groceries that must belong to the Doctor. She contemplates wearing it next week to a party. She and Stan are worried that someone will know they have it and try to steal it, so he takes it to hide it and then put a lost-and-found ad in the newspaper.

While Stan is out, the Doctor and Turlough arrive at the Garratts' house. He tells Peggy that the necklace is a key item in a war between two alien species. He took the necklace to hide from the two species, but somehow they have followed him through time and space to Earth. One of the species attacks the house with patches of light that can burn. Peggy offers to take them to Stan, and mentions that she hoped to wear the necklace next week. The Doctor, shocked, shows her a newspaper picture of her wearing the necklace — in next week's paper. The alien species have been messing with time, and the Doctor himself could be in trouble with the Time Lords for interfering.

As Peggy, the Doctor and Turlough head for Stan's hideout, the sky is filled with ships. There are aliens who look like men with guns on the street. They are killing ducks, which angers Peggy; when they seem to be willing to shoot a young girl, the Doctor causes a distraction and runs with Peggy to the TARDIS. Peggy gives him the location where Stan hid the necklace and they materialise there, retrieving the necklace.

The Doctor and Peggy confront the aliens, but as the aliens are about to shoot, Turlough and Stan, who have found each other, cause a distraction. The Doctor and Turlough head for the TARDIS with the necklace, drawing the aliens away from Earth.

Back at home, Peggy finds the necklace in her pocket. To keep the future safe, she will wear it next week and then they will dispose of it.




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