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One Rule was the fourth story in the Torchwood audio series by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Joseph Lidster and featured Tracy-Ann Oberman as Yvonne Hartman.

It featured Yvonne Hartman for the first time in any medium since her television debut.

Publisher's summary[]

It's been three weeks since the Mayor of Cardiff was killed by a shop dummy and the fight is on to see who will replace him.

Yvonne Hartman is visiting the city to retrieve an invaluable alien device. She's in charge of Torchwood One, she's saving the British Empire and she doesn't care about local politics. But she is going to find herself caught up in that fight. There's a bloodthirsty alien stalking the streets and there's a special offer on at the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet.

It's the 26th of March 2005 and it's the day that everything changes.


Yvonne stands in Roald Dahl Plass and calls Bev. Ianto answers instead and she has him tell Rajesh to activate the time bubble so that she can enter the Hub and steal a Drahvin scanner, planning to use it to find what is inside the sphere at Torchwood Tower. She does so, seeing Jack in the flesh for the first time.

Ross Bevan answers the phone to his lover, Ian, before creature that he believes to be someone in a costume enters. He is beheaded and his wife, Meredith, finds the body and calls the emergency services.

After losing the scanner in a fire at Manor Rest Hotel, Yvonne and Barry Jackson, who early told her that members of Cardiff Council were being murdered, go to a Chinese buffet. He tells her that it is candidates for mayor that are being beheaded and she calls one such person, Julie Jones, who is killed in the buffet's toilets during the call.

Yvonne and Barry go to meet with Helen Evans at the White Lion, talking about whether or not the public should know about the existence of aliens. Helen refuses to leave with Yvonne until a fight breaks out, leaving as a police sergeant arrives with PC Cooper and PC Davidson. Yvonne and Helen are chased by the creature and are joined by Barry.

Yvonne, Barry and Helen go to the Priory Nightclub, gaining access by blackmailing the bouncer, Mike, to keep safe from the creature. In the toilets, Yvonne promises to share alien technology with Helen should she become Mayor and keep an eye on what comes through the Rift. The creature attacks and, once outside, kills Helen and knocks Yvonne unconscious. Upon waking, she calls Ianto and has him supply her with money for a taxi and Barry's address.

At the Waterside Apartments, Barry admits to having murdered Roy Llewellyn, covering it up by blaming it on the Autons. Yvonne threatens to kill by brandishing a kitchen knife and forcing him up onto his balcony, making him tell her that he works for the Committee and was supplied with the creature by them. She agrees to let him live in return for him keeping an eye on Jack and for the arrival of the Doctor, although she stabs him in the leg to give him a limp to remind him that she is watching.


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  • This story was recorded on 11 September 2015 at The Soundhouse Studios.
  • Yvonne says that this is the first time that she has met Jack.
  • Gwen Cooper and Andy Davidson have one line cameos in this story, set two years before Gwen joined Torchwood Three in 2007.
  • This story takes place on 26 March 2005, the same day that Series 1 of the revived series of Doctor Who premiered on BBC One.
  • The title of the story can be viewed as a multi-layered pun. Not only is it the "one rule" of Yvonne Hartman, as explicitly stated in the story, but can also be read as a "rule of Torchwood One" or even the fact that the story depicts the period when Torchwood One ruled over Torchwood Three, which is also unequivocally depicted in the story.
  • Although everyone is talking about the new series of Strictly Come Dancing, the 2005 series was broadcast beginning in October.
  • This story was originally released on CD and download.


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