One Man and His Dog was the first story in the K9 book The Essential Book of K9. It was written by Bob Baker. The illustrations were made by Adrian Salmon. The story was dedicated to Frederick Jaeger.

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Professor Frederick Marius gets his dream job at the Bi-Al Foundation. He is looking forward to work at their brand new laboratory in a hollowed-out asteroid between the orbit of Jupiter and Mars. Prof. Marius is very proud that he had been chosen for this job by a panel of top scientists. However he is sad that he has to leave Kelso at home. Six months before he is going to leave Earth he begins to create K9, who resembles a dog. When Marius is going into a shuttle to travel to the laboratory he takes K9 with him.

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  • Professor Marius creates K9, using his own medical computer, a state-of-the-art intraresponsive brain app, protective ant-radiation cladding, probes, a laser scapel, a vision and voice box and two scanning antenna. However it isn't mentioned if he just put these parts together, or if he also created these parts.

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