One Cold Step was a short story released by Candy Jar Books in 2015. Originally released as a free pdf download on the Lethbridge-Stewart website, the story was reprinted in the anthology The HAVOC Files. It has since been rendered unavailable on the Lethbridge-Stewart website.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Anne and Edward Travers are aboard the icebreaker Amundsen. She recalls her brother Alun visiting her in her new bungalow in Yorkshire. They talked about their father, who wanted to return to Tibet. Alun didn't want him to go, and suggested Anne find a way to keep him in the UK. A few days later, at her job at the Vault, Leonard Harkness and Sam Hawkins told her she'd been given an assignment in the North Atlantic. She refused unless she could choose a member of her team.

Anne, her father, and two technicians board a helicopter piloted by Susan Parr. The copter lands on a new volcanic island and the team heads to the crater they've come to investigate. In the centre, Anne finds curved metal beneath the gravel. Eventually, they unearth a cylinder large enough to transport a person.

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  • It also contained a short history of the Travers family.

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