Once Upon a Time-Lord was a Sixth Doctor comic published in Doctor Who Magazine. It is notable for having several pages written out in story form with accompanying comic panels. With its end, it concluded both the Voyager and Astrolabus themes that had started in this incarnation's second strip, Voyager.


On the trail of Astrolabus, the Sixth Doctor and Frobisher find themselves in a land of make-believe where nothing is real.


Part 1[]

The Sixth Doctor heads into the Cabinet of Astrolabus to retrieve Frobisher. As the Doctor exits the TARDIS, he is attacked by a dark rider who attempts to kill him, but who rides away after the Doctor ducks. The Doctor finds Frobisher, who insists the Doctor come and meet his "friends", but the Doctor resists, saying that he doesn't trust Astrolabus, and warns Frobisher that he believes that the reality they are in isn't real.

Meanwhile, Astrolabus watches them from inside a carnival, where children watch the Doctor and Frobisher. Astrolabus instructs them to put on their "thinking caps" so that they can control the story.

In the forest, the Doctor and Frobisher meet Brock, who gives Frobisher a worm. They soon come under attack, and the natives try to cook and eat Frobisher.

Part 2[]

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The colour reprint of this comic.

  • Three pages of part 1 use a picture book style with captions instead of speech bubbles. All the captions rhyme and text at the bottom of the page gives more detail. These pages have the titles: "Frobisher Eats a Worm", "Frobisher Wishes He Hadn't" and "He Who Hesitates is Lunch".


Behind the Scenes[]

  • John Ridgeway has confirmed that the black rider who attacked the Doctor was meant to be one of the Nazgûl from The Lord of the Rings.

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