Olivia Parson was a woman living in the 17th century. She developed a relationship with Andy Hansen after she had travelled back in time to her era.

After she was kidnapped by pirates, Erimem fought the captain for her freedom. When the captain yielded, Olivia noticed he was about to draw a pistol and shoot her. Olivia threw a sword into the captain's chest, and in so doing became captain of the ship herself. She renamed the ship Future's Hope. (PROSE: Buccaneer)

Olivia spent some time with Andy around Christmas, 2018. (PROSE: That's What Friends Do)

Alternate timeline Edit

In an alternative timeline, Olivia and Andy got married and adopted children. However, when Olivia got sick and tried to get treatment she was discovered to be from the past and both she and her children were taken away by the government. (PROSE: Auld Acquaintance)

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