Oliver Charles was a human politician in the early 21st century. He was killed by a member of the Slitheen family for his skin, to be converted into a suit. The false Oliver later killed General R. Asquith and used his skin as a new suit. In his new skin, the Slitheen remarked that he "quite enjoyed being Oliver. He had a wife, a mistress, and a young farmer." Oliver's skin suit was promptly discarded by the Slitheen, who left it in a cupboard where Harriet Jones had been hiding. Harriet took the skin suit and shown it to Rose Tyler as proof of her witnessing the aliens. The empty skin suit was still inside 10 Downing Street when the building was destroyed by a missile which also killed the Slitheen who impersonated him. (TV: Aliens of London)

Behind the scenes Edit

The implication in Aliens of London of this Slitheen "enjoying" being Oliver was confirmed by Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia, which stated that the disguised Slitheen had a number of sexual liaisons with Charles' wife, mistress, and young farmer.

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